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Hi, I’m Marc. I am a postdoc in the Complexity Science department at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

My work is part of the Leibniz Project DominoES and the FutureLab on Game Theory & Networks of Interacting Agents Gane . I am also a member of the copan collaboration .

My interests are in complex networks, time series analysis, complex contagion and social tipping.


12 Feb. ‘21: Our recent paper provides a global overview on precipitation responses to different types of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation. It is part of the Specialty Section on New techniques for improving climate models, predictions and projections in Frontiers in Climate .

07 Dec. ‘20: Our former master Student Paul Müller showed that social tipping processes can often not be reduced to the crossing of a single control-parameter. A preprint of his paper is now a available on the arXiv .

05 Nov. ‘20: I appeared at the Scientists for Future Podcast and discussed about social and natural tipping elements as well as their potential interactions. The full episode (unfortunately only in German) is available on the S4F website , iTunes and Spotify .

27 Oct. ‘20: In her thesis, Tanja Holstein has investigated the effects of resource diffusion on the stability of a coupled socio-ecological network model. A preprint of the corresponding paper is now available on the arXiv .

14 Oct. ‘20: Our newest DominoES paper proposes an analytical framework to characterize potential social tipping processes for sustainability. The preprint is now available on the arXiv and SSRN .

08 Jul. ‘20: Our new paper on A network-based microfoundation of Granovetter’s threshold model for social tipping is now published in Scientific Reports. It is part of the collection on Social physics edited by Matjaž Perc.